June 17, 2010

Hello from the farm,

Lots of things are going on here:  strawberry picking, lagoon and raised bed building, plant staking, transplanting, irrigating, weed pulling, seed planting, repairs, and, of course, the inevitable paper work.  We call it “Life in the blender.”  And, wow, is it hot!  It’s hard to believe that a week ago yesterday we had over 1 ½” of rain and hail.  I am working from my porch office and very thankful for the tiny breeze from the North.  The cicadas aren’t as loud as they have been- what an interesting phenomenon!  The mourning doves are calling for rain.

We hope to get started soon with the CSA Farm Boxes.  The plants are taking the deep breath before they start producing.  As soon as we get a good variety of vegetables all ready at the same time, we will begin.

If you meant to sign up for CSA and just got distracted, now is your chance.  I want to get everyone signed up before we start deliveries, before we get busy.  (That last part was a joke.)  I think more folks are raising their own gardens this year, which is a very good thing for your health and edification.  Just be sure to drink lots of water while you’re working outside.  You probably won’t save money with a garden, but you’ll learn that fresh is better and that the unexpected will happen.  If growing your own fresh, local veggies isn’t an option, we will do it for you.  But, please, let me know right away.  You can download an application here

Don’t forget that you can find out what is at our farm market and other info by calling:  931-937-8162.  And you can follow us on Facebook at:  Dennison’s Family Farm CSA.

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