Week 4 CSA  July 5-8, 2011

I hope you all had a good holiday weekend and are fully rested and ready to cook.  Here on the farm we worked every day.  Freedom to work- what a wonderful thing!  And I'm thankful to be capable; there have been times in my life when I wasn't.

If you are a Half-share member, this is your week off. 

I am trying to control the amount that we put in the boxes, as we overwhelmed some folks last year.  Please help me by telling me if the boxes have too much in them.  The main reason for folks not rejoining a CSA is that they feel guilty for not eating all the food.  We use a 1/2 bushel box because that is readily available to us, but it is hard not to put too much in it.  We try to have a variety of veggies so that you can pick and choose, and hopefully try something new.  But you don't have to eat it all.   You can't imagine how much is not used here on the farm, but what doesn't go to the mission goes back to the Earth.  You are the reason we do a CSA, so you need to let me know what you are thinking.  Thanks.

Here's what to look for in your box:
eggplant - a big one.  I suggest you look on the internet for a Baba Ganoush recipe.  There are so many different ones, and they all sound good, so I don't want to recommend one.  And once you roast an eggplant, your world will never be the same.
Rainbow chard
Lacinato Kale
purple onion
bell peppers
sweet banana peppers
serranos (finger hot) peppers
the first jalapenos
the first cucumber
the ubiquitous and beloved basil
summer squash
So there it is, B-Z, and if I left out anything, you'll find it in your box.

If you can find it, you should buy the "food network magazine" (no capital letters) for July/August.  Well worth the money and contains recipes for many of the things that are or will be in your boxes.  It has a picture of a tomato tart on the front.  I got mine in Dollar General.

Don't forget to look on our website for recipes:dennisonsfarm.com.

Roasted eggplant:  Put eggplant on a cookie sheet in a 400 degree oven for 20- 40 minutes.  Let cool slightly.  From here you can go in many directions:
cut in half and stuff with whatever you like, top with cheese and reheat.

Make thick slices (you can roast them this way for less time.  Oil first),  add a tomato or pizza sauce and parmesan cheese.

Use instead of meat on a sandwich.

Anything else you are brave enough to try.  Just let me know if you hit on a winner and we'll share the recipe.


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