August 3, 2010

Dear members,
Well, here is the bad news from the farm.  Daddy was working on the irrigation pump yesterday morning when Frank went to help him and realized that he couldn’t speak properly.  Daddy (Don Dennison)  has suffered a stroke and is in Huntsville Hospital for observation and tests.  As this settles in, it becomes more unreal.  I know most people have gone through far worse, but this feels earth-shattering to me.  Not only is he my sweet Daddy, who has been my rock every day of my life, but he is one of the team making this farm work.  Please send kind thoughts his way.  If we are very lucky, it will be only his speech that is affected.

Even though it is his stroke, I find that my brain is not working.  This is also the first week that I don’t have the help of 3 of the 4 third generations.  They have scattered for school, but Parker is still here this week, thank goodness.  No excuses, just an explanation.  I will do my best to get everyone their boxes on time this week.

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