August 4, 2010

Thanks to all of you who have asked about Daddy and are praying for him.  You all are so kind and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.  I saw Daddy after I left Dynetics and he is doing much better than I expected.  Sometimes his words and thoughts slip away, but he seems to have a good grip on reality and no memory loss.  His body is working fine.  This morning they have a test scheduled for his heart, to determine if there is a leak that is causing clots.  Obviously, it is important to avoid another stroke.  He was reading his new Progressive Farmer magazine when I left him last night.  Frank talked to him on the phone while I was there and said he could tell a marked improvement in his speaking.  Maybe he just needed a rest!

We will have to rearrange our lives to accommodate this change, and maybe that will be a blessing in disguise.  My hope has been to grow the CSA membership so that we can focus on our direct farm-to-table sales and leave the grueling wholesale crops behind.  The rewards are so much more than money and shorter hours, as demonstrated by the caring responses from our CSA members.  It makes my heart sing to know that there are folks out there who know and care about their food and farmers.  I'm hoping that word of mouth will help us get lots more members for next year, so we can concentrate more of our time on them.

The doctors said that the lifestyle of being mentally and physically active at 84 is what saved Daddy from far more damage from the stroke.  I'm sure the fresh air and good food didn't hurt, either.  We have been so blessed with good genes that we hardly know what to do when there is illness.  The last time that Daddy was in the hospital was for heat prostration in 1953!   Mama's last visit was to give birth to my baby brother, who is now 56 years old.  To those of you who deal with illness on a daily basis, you have my sincere sympathy and I wish you good health immediately.

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